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D&H Ship Supply and Services

At the heart of the North Coast of Québec, Canada, D&H Ship Supply and Services stands as a beacon of maritime excellence. With over 15 years of dedicated service, we have established ourselves as a dynamic and trusted partner in the marine industry. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is evident in our comprehensive offering of ship supplies and services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each vessel and crew we serve.
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D&H Ship Supply and Services is a dynamic ship supply welcomes you to the North Coast of Québec in Canada. With more than 15 years of experience, we are focused on providing ship stores (Provision, Bond, Deck, Engine, Cabin, General) as well as Safety Equipment and Marine Chemicals, and offer delivery service of these supplies in accordance to customer expectation. Our availability 24h day insure a fast service and product quality.

We offer services such as crew change & ground transportation, hotel arrangements, pick-up & delivery of ship parts, cash to master, ECRC and sanitation arrangements, health care & dental arrangements, nautical charts, and maritime publication and more.

The only ship chandler service located in this region servicing vessels in major ports across all Saint Lawrence River.

What makes D&H noteworthy beside we are base in the #1 mineral port in importance in North America, is that we are the only ship chandler service that is permitted to access the private docking berth at the Iron Ore Company of Canada (Rio Tinto) and ArcelorMittal due to having personnel and delivery trucks fully certified by the berth owner. We offer supplies such as provision, bond store items, clothing, miscellaneous items, deck, and spare parts. The best competitive rates you will find.

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What we do

Services and Expertise

DH marine is able to source and deliver general Provisions, Bonded Stores (Bonded warehouse and bonded truck), Deck, Engine & Cabin Stores, Electronics & Office Equipment, Marine Electronics, IT Equipment & Accessories, Fire Safety Equipment, Chemicals, Mooring Ropes, Wires & Cables, Medical Supply.

We offer clients a logistics support for storage and forwarding spare parts. We provide spares storage in our bonded warehouses for delivery as and when required on board. we also offer coordinated and consolidated delivery, meaning spares and other items can be delivered at the same time.

Our services and broader products portfolio allowed our clients to see us like their ONE STOP SHOP to meet all their requirements.

On your behalf provide Marine Agency (Ships Agency) services for all types of vessels operating in Canada. Our experience and established relationships with the local supply base ensures efficient and reliable port call management and vessel turnaround. Our Marine Agents have over 30 years of experience in coordinating ports calls and vessel services in ports across Canada. Staying informed of all safety, commercial, and regulatory requirements, we will ensure your vessel is compliant with Canadian and provincial rules and regulations. On your behalf, we will also communicate with government agencies (e.g., Canada Border Services Agency, Transport Canada, etc.) and port authorities to oversee all aspects of your port calls.

Acting on behalf of Charterers or Owners to handle loading or unloading of the following types of cargo

Attending on behalf of shipowners to handle non-cargo matters such as but not limited to: Class surveys, Crew Change (Canadian visa application – hotel & air ticket bookings – transportation) Immigration and Customs arrangements.

  • Cash to Master delivery to ports
  • Deserter / Stowaway formalities
  • Fresh Water
  • Medical Services/Hospital Arrangements
  • Handling Ship Spares (Clearance & Delivery)
  • Repairs & Technical Supervision
  • Supplying Charts & Publications
  • Oil Pollution Certificate (ECRC / OSRC)
  • Coordination, Management and Supervision of multiple port calls along a trade route.
  • Single point communication & Accounting procedures Crew Mail
  • Mobile Phone Rental etc
  • Disbursement Agents
  • Documentation Agents
  • Protective Agents
  • Military Services
  • Cruise Agents
  • Cargo & Marine Logistics

We can also Assisting, arranging, and consulting shippers and receivers regarding:

  • Fumigations
  • Fitting & securing for grain or other bulk cargo
  • Stevedoring arrangements
  • Documentation
  • Freight forwarding
  • Storage/Warehousing
  • Linemen

Our team

The excellence of our services relies on a team of experienced professionals who ensure presence and integrity to our clients through our extended network.

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